The principal of Zenith Portfolio Services Pty Ltd have in excess of fifteen years of senior management positions in financial services companies. This experience has specifically related to running the back offices of major funds management divisions and servicing a range of internal and external clients combined with experience in running the administration services for small boutique financial planning firms specializing in DIY Super.

Its principals have operated and managed administration bureaus which provided DIY superannuation services to not only 600 of its own clients with funds under advice of $300m but also provided administration services under contract to a major stockbroker (150 clients and $200m in funds under administration) covering all aspects of self-managed super funds including technical provision of services, investment reporting and administration.

Zenith Portfolio Services Pty Ltd is not an investment adviser or competitor of the vendor, it confines itself to the administration of Self Managed Funds. It does not provide similar services to the vendor’s other business arms and would not cross sell products similar to those the vendor provides to these clients.

Zenith Portfolio Services Pty Ltd operates specialized super fund industry accounting software provided by Super Corp known as Supervisor II software. Supervisor II is an integrated modular system used by a number of organisations within the industry.


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